Hi, my name is Casimira but you can call me Casi. Welcome to What The Mother. If you’re a mom who is in need of a drink, allow me to pour you another round.

My life completely changed the moment I became a mom. I entered a world completely unknown to me and was shocked to find out that children don’t come with instruction manuals (they really should). Imagine my surprise when I learned that in this world, there are no crash courses, certificates of achievement or diplomas of excellence. There is no one to teach you how to do your job and no one to help you troubleshoot even the most complicated of scenarios.

Regardless of the path that brought you to this miraculous and wacky world of motherhood, we all have one thing in common. We are moms. We are the sisterhood of exhausted warriors who love fiercely and sometimes, weep in silence. We can often be found reheating our coffee, throwing our hair up in a bun and wiping off mysterious stains from our trusty black leggings.

Being a mom is a privilege. It’s a gift that can also feel like a double edged sword. We give so much of ourselves that we sometimes forget who we really are and what day of the week it is. It is the most beautiful and rewarding experience but it can also be lonely and maddening at times. And that my fellow mamas, is more than okay.

I created WTM because I want to build a community of likeminded moms just like YOU. A safe space for us women to share, laugh and hold each other up when motherhood has us feeling worn out. I promise to speak the truth and bring you all facets of motherhood without a filter.

So break out the chardonnay and come join me on the journey that sometimes has us saying…