This blog post is in partnership with Quartier DIX30 and THE BLOK – My family and I had a great time checking out boutique Mini Moi! All opinions are 100% my own.

Ever since moving to Quebec’s South-Shore this past summer, my family and I have been enjoying getting to know Quartier DIX30 and all the shops, restaurants and activities it has to offer. With over 300 retailers, it’s safe to say that you can always find what you’re looking for and there are always new events to look out for as well.

Tucked away in the new section of Quartier DIX30 called THE BLOK, is an adorable kid’s boutique called Mini Moi. With high quality children’s clothing, accessories and furniture ALL from Montreal, you can consider this place a new local gem. Here’s why you need to head over boutique Mini Moi and make it a pit-stop on your holiday shopping list:

They offer high quality

Although children grow quickly and are often cycling through clothing sizes, one thing I never skimp out on is the quality of clothing I buy for my girls. From the clothing, accessories and yes you better believe it – furniture; the superior quality of items found at boutique Mini Moi is unbeatable. Making it a very easy decision when purchasing something for your little one or when splurging on a thoughtful gift for someone else.

Every item is local to Montreal

From the moment I found out that everything in boutique Mini Moi is local and all from Montreal, I knew I was in for a love affair of a lifetime with this boutique.  I’m a big believer in supporting local brands and businesses so at the end of the day, it’s shopping that I feel good about.

Everything is truly unique

One of the main things that popped out at me when visiting boutique Mini Moi was just how unique all of the items were. Not a single article of clothing or accessory looked similar to anything else I had come across when shopping at other children boutiques.

One of my favorite finds while visiting the store were the one of a kind collection of dolls and other plushies that all come with their very own health record! Not only can you name your doll, you can even send it to the hospital (free of charge) if ever it’s in need of some serious TLC.

Kid Friendly

Boutique Mini Moi is the epitome of kid friendly because the concept was literally designed for children. In various corners of the store, beautiful wooden tricycles are not only on display but are easily accessible for tiny tots to ride throughout the spacious boutique. From a craft table with mess free accessories, beautiful tippies and other tents and beds to discover, there isn’t a dull moment for your little one while you do a little bit of shopping.

Shop with ease  

Because boutique Mini Moi’s concept allows children to play safely while you not only supervise but also shop at the same time, the overall shopping experience is rather stress free (and that’s coming from a mom who showed up with two toddlers under the age of 3). Not only did I have a moment to what felt like myself as I marveled at all the adorable items on display, my kiddos actually enjoyed themselves. So much so, they were upset to have to leave the store and go home.

With the holidays around the corner, Quartier DIX30 and THE BLOK is worth the visit alone but stopping by boutique Mini Moi is sure to brighten your day. Rather than leave the littles behind, bring them along for what is guaranteed to be a lot of fun for them and a unique retail experience for you.

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