In a world where airbrushing is the norm and fad diets are highly marketed, it’s no wonder that body positivity is hard to master. While we all encounter our fair share of off days, there are ways of turning those off days into mere moments that get tossed into life’s junk folder (where they belong).

Diet culture is damaging. Comparing ourselves to others only belittles our self-worth.  

Do me a favor. The next time you take a shower or soak in a leisurely bath, take that beautiful naked bod of yours and stare at yourself in the mirror. Look at yourself from head to toe and I do mean, look at yourself.

It’s human nature to pick ourselves apart but tell that voice in your head to go play in traffic…during rush hour.

Study your face and examine your body. All of it. Every single glorious inch. You might wince at the bags under your eyes or if you’re like me, you might suck in your belly but don’t. Banish that bullshit because honey, nobody should have time for that.

Instead, focus on the marvel that is YOU. Your face, your breasts, your thighs…heck, wiggle your toes and appreciate even the smallest parts of yourself. Why you ask?

Because nothing about you is small. Nothing that makes up who you are is trivial or insignificant. Every part of your living and breathing body is relevant. So very relevant.

Your gorgeous vessel gets you through each and every day. It carries you through the ups and downs, and it does the most miraculous of things.

Maybe your body birthed your children. Maybe it tried and despite its best efforts, it couldn’t quite get there.

Perhaps you feel as though it let you down, but I am here to remind you that it didn’t.

The stretch marks on your tummy tell a story. The dimples on your thighs are a reminder that you are human.

Because that’s just it, isn’t it? We are human.

We are beautiful, we are magnificent and we are all different. We come in all shapes and sizes and it’s about damn time that we embrace ALL OF IT

It’s about time that you embrace all of you.