It’s no lie that pregnancy changes you. Having a healthy pregnancy is truly a blessing. I am forever grateful and in constant marvel over what my body has accomplished. But – I’m also honest. Pregnancy will change your body. Some changes are cute, while others are temporary. The thing we need to talk about are the strange and seemingly permanent changes that happen to your body after pregnancy.

Things are just not the same once you come off the wave of pregnancy hormones. I just wish someone would have told me. I heard all about postpartum vagina wars and the struggle of healing from a c-section but, what happens after all of that?

Allow me to shed some light.

Chin hairs – I can’t believe that this is even a thing but here I am, growing whiskers from the bottom of my face. The best part is that the majority of these hairs are white. I have never had to deal with this before but after expelling two kiddos, my chin hormones have been hard at work. I knew all about postpartum hair loss but nobody told me that my hair could become abundant in unwanted places.

Skin tags – Thanks to the increase in pregnancy hormones and the hormonal seesaw of nursing, skin tags can form. Well, they sure can and they have bloomed all over me. I have found them under my breasts, on my scalp and under my eyes. These little guys popped up in abundance after my second pregnancy. They are pretty much a nuisance and I’m really the only one who notices but still, WTF.

Queefing – Yes, the postpartum queef is real. I just didn’t think it would last after the postpartum period. I don’t know where to begin or how to even describe it. I just know that it happens during moments I wish it wouldn’t. If you find yourself queefing, I’m truly sorry and welcome to the club.

Perky Nips – Prior to breastfeeding, I would not have described my nipples as perky. They were more on the shy side and didn’t really make an appearance unless provoked. It seems that breastfeeding has brought them right out of their shell. I always look like I’m cold despite the fact that my breastfeeding days are over.

Skin metamorphosis – I have had combination skin since the 9th grade. I rocked that oily t-zone right up until the birth of our first daughter. As soon as she was born, I developed dry skin. It wasn’t really problematic and with the right products, I managed to keep my face moisturized. Once our second daughter was born, I developed skin so dry that my forehead would flake off onto my cleavage. My skin was parched. After a good amount of frustration and time, I found the right products to help keep my skin hydrated but it was a most definitely a pain in the hooter to deal with.

Like I said, pregnancy will change you. Yes, I have queefed while sitting down at the dinner table and I have spent an endless amount of time examining my chin with tweezers. The truth is, I wouldn’t change it for the world, and I would do it all over again. The real, everlasting change is the one that is done to your heart, the moment they explode into your universe.